Case Management

Type of Service

Case Management/Supportive Counselling & Services - Mental Health

Program Description

The overall objective of the case management program is to increase the success and satisfaction of the mental health consumer regardless of their illness, in a non-intrusive manner, respecting their choice of environment. Individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, receive intensive case management supports to achieve their identified goals, inclusive of short and long-term. The supports are portable and flexible which move with the individual and include crisis, anticipation and response, assistance as well as linking and advocacy.

Access Information

Coordination of referrals occurs in CMHA Durham Community Connection Services. The individual makes a commitment to their rehabilitation and goal attainment. Services are client directed.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 905-436-8760 ext. 600

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Counties: (Durham)
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed
Note Smoking permitted outside, nine metres from the building.




Main Hours

Monday 0830-2130
Tuesday 0830-2130
Wednesday 0830-2130
Thursday 0830-2130
Friday 0830-2130

Case managers' hours are flexible according to client needs. Support available through on-call services after hours.