Court Diversion/Court Support Program

Type of Service

Diversion and Court Support

Program Description

The Mental Health Court Diversion/Court Support Program provides support and assistance to individuals who are experiencing mental health difficulties and are involved with the criminal justice system. This is a voluntary service and the extent of service, frequency and type of service is dependent on client's needs. Model of service is recovery and client centered.

Program Restricted To

Clients with Legal Issues
Forensic Clients

Access Information

Must have an involvement with the Criminal Justice System (also includes clients who have had a lengthy criminal history, but are not currently charged with an offence). Individuals referred for services are either suspected of having or have been formally diagnosed with a mental illness. The court diversion worker will meet with the accused, family members, and service providers to determine eligibility. The accused's involvement is voluntary, the possibility of mental illness or cognitive impairment is established and the offense is not too serious (the offense committed must be a Class One or Class Two offense) to be a suitable candidate for diversion. Clients of the court diversion/support program have access to forensic psychiatric services which are intended to provide psychiatric assessment for individuals charged with a criminal offence and/or convicted persons in Kenora and Rainy River Districts. The Forensic Psychiatric Service will also provide consults for professionals working with individuals diagnosed or suspected as having a mental illness or cognitive impairments who are involved with the criminal justice system. When appropriate the Forensic Psychiatric Service will provide psychiatric follow up for clients who have been previously assessed.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 807-468-1838
Fax 807-468-6396

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Counties: (Kenora)
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0830-1630
Tuesday 0830-1630
Wednesday 0830-1630
Thursday 0830-1630
Friday 0830-1630