Do you live in Ontario?

Have you lived through a difficult event and still feel bothered by it? For example: child abuse, violence, car accident, bullying, combat, fire, life-threatening medical illness, hurricane or tornado or any other very stressful event.

Do you gamble?That can mean bingo, cards, dice games, lottery, sports betting, poker, table games, Keno, Jai Alai, betting on horse racing, sweepstakes, online games in which you bet money, slots or other casino betting, business speculations, stock market. It is any type of money-involved activity that involves some level of risk of losing the money.

If you say “yes” to both above, you may be eligible to receive free telephone counseling plus payment for filling out research measures.

We are offering free, professional telephone counseling as part of a research study to try to improve counseling methods.

We are comparing two different types of counseling. They focus on helping you build new skills to help you cope better with your life. . The counseling we offer is:

The first step is to fill out a brief set of questions. It does not obligate you in any way.

Or you can email: or call or text +1 617-299-1610. We will get back to you with further information. You can then decide if you want to participate.

It’s easy to find out more…

Go online:

On our website, you can read a full description of the project and if you choose to, you can answer a few anonymous questions to see if you’re eligible to participate.


Call or text us at +1 617-299-1610(this is a U.S. number as part of our team is based there)

This research project has been cleared by the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board, the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board, and the New England Institutional Review Board.