Eating Disorders Inpatient Treatment Program

Type of Service


Program Description

Eating Disorders Inpatient Treatment Program provides inpatient services to clients with a BMI lower than 16 or with severe medical complications.

Access Information

Referral forms are available online through one-Link. To be completed by primary care practitioner and faxed to one-Link . The individual will be contacted with a date and time for a new patient consultation. Clients will be referred to the most appropriate treatment setting within the program or other community resources.
If client is has diabetes that is not managed, they will need to go to a regular inpatient program before they can begin services in this program.

User Costs

Program Cost No
Additional Cost Yes

Referral Contact Information

Phone 905-813-2398
Fax 905-338-2878

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 18 and up
Catchment Ontario
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed
Note Client must leave the property to smoke.


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0000-2400
Tuesday 0000-2400
Wednesday 0000-2400
Thursday 0000-2400
Friday 0000-2400
Saturday 0000-2400
Sunday 0000-2400