Crisis Services

Type of Service

Crisis Intervention

Program Description

Crisis assessment and intervention provided to individuals 16 years of age and over who are at risk for themselves or at risk of causing harm to someone else or who are in acute distress. Follow-up and referral to other programs and services.

Organization's Current Reported COVID-19 Response

COVID-19: Staff continue to come to office while ensuring social distancing. The services are mostly provided over the phone, SKYPE or pcvc. Exception are made if there is an issue of safety (suicidal, domestic violence, some severe psychotic symptoms, or if client has no access to any technology. Cases are screened prior to coming to office and clients seen in no flu/COVID-19 symptoms. E.R. visits are more complicated to do. This is under review.

Access Information

There are two points of entry for crisis services. During office hours, individual in crisis or third party can contact the office to speak to a counsellor. Crisis services can also be accessed through the emergency department of the hospital between 0830-2400, 7-days a week. Individuals who present at the office under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be directed to the emergency department at the hospital.

User Costs

Program Cost No
Additional Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 705-272-4245

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Municipalities: (Cochrane; Frederickhouse; Hunta; Tunis); Frederickhouse, Hunta, and Cochrane to Tunis
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed

Application Referral Forms


English French


Emergency Room Hours

Monday 0830-2400
Tuesday 0830-2400
Wednesday 0830-2400
Thursday 0830-2400
Friday 0830-2400
Saturday 0830-2400
Sunday 0830-2400

Main Hours

Monday 0830-1700
Tuesday 0830-1700
Wednesday 0830-1700
Thursday 0830-1700
Friday 0830-1700

Telephone Hours

Monday 0830-1700
Tuesday 0830-1700
Wednesday 0830-1700
Thursday 0830-1700
Friday 0830-1700

Summer hours (June - August) 0830-1630. Crisis staff can be accessed through Hospital emergency department 24/7.