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How To Support A Loved One to Overcome Their Addiction

Addiction is one of the toughest problems a family can face. Learning that a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be shocking and sad, and can sometimes cause panic. It’s natural for family members to feel hopeless at times, even frightened or overwhelmed. To “take care of yourself”, is the best advice you can give someone who has a loved one dealing with an addiction. We’ll cover this topic thoroughly, first, however, let’s review the signs of an addiction. RECOGNIZING A PROBLEM To say that these are uncertain times is an understatement. Not only are we facing constant economic concerns and high levels of unemployment, but we’re also in the middle of a global pandemic. Consuming drugs and alcohol to cope with such stress is common, that doesn’t, however, make it right. Some common signs that your loved one has a problem include: Neglecting responsibility at home, work or school.  Binging or consuming more than intended. Lyin ...

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Culture & Stigma: A Barrier to Mental Health Access

Culture & Stigma: A Barrier to Mental Health Access Written by Amelia Lomat Simply put, stigma is the lens that negatively impacts the way we view and think about groups of people or individuals in our life, often leading to social isolation. The word derives from the Greek term that signified a mark of shame usually branded or tattooed on criminals and delinquents to differentiate them from the general population. Stigmas nowadays go beyond physical identifiers. One way, in particular, is the stigmas for those who have a mental illness, which affect the way an individual feels about themselves, their future and their likelihood to reach out for help. Though mental illness stigma plays a large part in how we look at mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, there has been a shift regarding mental health topics like wellness, anxiety, and depression and their acceptance in mainstream society. However, this isn't the case for all Canadians, especia ...

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Checking in with Yourself: Post-Pandemic

Checking in with Yourself: Post-Pandemic  Written by Tricia Korbut Manager of System Navigation and Information Services at ConnexOntario This pandemic has been going on for a long time. We’re living through what feels like an eternal Canadian winter, and spring remains just beyond our grasp. It hangs on us like a winter coat and weighs our steps with heavy boots. Cautiously, we’ve unzipped and enjoyed some warmth, only to grudgingly zip up again to brace against more winter weather. We are lurching through COVID strains and emotional pains.  The reality is, our post-pandemic adjustment is about living in a state of flux. Post pandemic has come to mean, “be prepared, for anything, all the time.” There is no magic solution to living in this post- pandemic-COVID world and its variant cousins. We cannot wish it away, nor can we tuck ourselves away, waiting for the day it finally passes. We are bombarded with conflicting media reports and medical information. Whe ...

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Why Self Care Is So Important

Self-care is pretty easy to figure out; it’s taking care of yourself. What’s difficult is justifying the time or expense. But we all need to take time for our own mental and physical well-being. That’s what self-care is about; cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself and maintaining the best version of yourself. Most importantly, self-care is not selfish. WHAT IS SELF-CARE? To be fair, self-care is personal and different for everyone. The important thing is that the action be good for your mind, body, or soul. This can include reading a book, taking a nap, cleaning out your basement, watching a funny video, getting a manicure, etc. WHY IS SELF-CARE IMPORTANT The best analogy is the speech you hear from a flight attendant before take-off. We have to put our own oxygen mask on before helping anyone else. By focusing on your own health and happiness, you’re not just taking care of your needs, but you’re helping others, by ensuring they get the best version of you ...

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