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Here Are Ways To Fight Depression

Depression is a common but treatable mood disorder. It’s known for causing persistent sadness and for limiting a person’s ability to face their daily activities. This article explores depression, helping you better recognize its symptoms, and find ways to fight it. WHAT IS DEPRESSION? Depression can be a serious illness that negatively affects the way you think and feel. Our body’s biochemistry plays a role, as certain chemicals in the brain can add to the symptoms of depression. There’s also a genetic component, in fact studies have found that if one twin is diagnosed with depression, there’s a 70% chance the other is also battling its symptoms. Personality can sometimes play a factor in depression, as those with low self-esteem or anxiety are likely to experience depression at some point. Finally, our environment, including people around us, may cause some to be vulnerable to depression. This is especially true for those exposed to violence, poverty, or neglect. SYM ...

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How To Stay Positive During Recovery

Change is hard. No matter the changes you experience, there’s bound to be some bumps in the road. Even positive changes come with their own struggles as you experience growing pains from personal growth. A great example is being promoted in your job. You worked hard for it and are happy to be receiving the promotion; it comes with a raise, and impressive title. However, as you settle into your new position there’s a learning curve you’ll experience. You’ll make mistakes and feel frustrated, but soon enough you’ll master your new position just like your previous one. The same is true for recovering from an addiction. You’re making a positive change, working towards a healthier, happier future. But you’ll have a lot of learning to do, especially about yourself. You’ll make mistakes and feel frustrated, but you’ll keep at it and before you know it, it’s getting easier. There are many people and techniques who can help you during your recovery, but ...

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