Day Treatment

Type of Service

Day/Evening Care - Addictions

Program Description

Clients are required to be free from intoxication while attending day treatment.
Abstinence is encouraged for the duration of the program however, clients will not be discharged from the program if they disclose a relapse. Clients are required to bring a lunch for themselves each day. Clients are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program each day.
Clients are responsible for taking their own medication throughout the day and are expected to have all medication stored in proper containers with their name on the label.
Clients caught distributing/selling their own medication and/or other substances to others will be removed from the program and banned from services for a period of time due to the high-risk nature of such actions. Police Services may be contacted as the direction of Management. Clients removed from Day Treatment for such reasons will require an interview with the Program Director for permission to reengage in services.
All Day Treatment clients will participate in two mandatory individual counselling sessions consisting of an Admission and Discharge session.
Crisis counselling in available during the program.
Clients can be absent for no more than one day due to illness or personal emergency. All missed work for that day must be completed independently and all required handouts must be submitted for review to confirm understanding of the material.
Clients who miss more than one day will be removed from day treatment and internally transferred to pre-treatment until they are able to commit to the Day Treatment schedule and/or may need to consider residential treatment if more intensive programming is required.
Upon successful completion of the program, clients will receive a certificate of completion and qualify for continuing care services. It is highly encouraged that all graduates attend continuing care post Day Treatment.

Program Restricted To


Access Information

Contact Jeri Klingbile for intake.

User Costs

Program Cost No
Additional Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 519-252-2711 ext. 108

Clients Served

Gender Female
Age 16 and up
Catchment Counties: (Essex); Municipalities: (Windsor)
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed




Main Hours

Tuesday 1000-1500
Wednesday 1000-1500
Thursday 1000-1500

Day treatment runs Tuesday to Thursday (3 days) from 10am-3pm for a period of four weeks