Over the past several years, ConnexOntario has established informal and formal partnerships with key stakeholders in the justice, education, and health sectors.


Partnership Organizations

Telehealth Ontario

ConnexOntario's partnership with Telehealth Ontario facilitates the proper streaming of individuals to the addictions and mental health treatment services they require –via ConnexOntario– and assists in diverting these individuals away from Emergency Rooms.

As a result of this partnership, when a person contacts Telehealth Ontario with a mental health or substance abuse issue, Telehealth nurses are able to “warm transfer” the call by introducing the caller directly to a ConnexOntario information and referral specialist.

Since this initiative was launched in November 2012, over 1500 people have been referred to ConnexOntario by Telehealth nurses, and hundreds of these callers have chosen to be warm-transferred from Telehealth to ConnexOntario. ConnexOntario currently refers less than 4% (on average) of callers to hospital-based inpatient programs.

Smoking Cessation – Identification of Services and Programs

To address the long-standing marginalization of tobacco in Ontario's addiction treatment system, an initiative called Integrating Tobacco Cessation into Addictions Treatment (ITCAT) has been created. Its strategic goal was that Ontario's addiction treatment system would fully integrate the provision of smoking cessation services into programs for its clients. The initiative began in 2008 as a priority for the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health's (CAMH) Tobacco Policy Group.

In early 2009, a partnership was formed between Addictions and Mental Health Ontario and CAMH. The newly-formed ITCAT Planning Group organized a meeting of addiction programs to discuss the issues involved.

ConnexOntario joined the partnership in September, 2010, with CAMH requesting help with a field-study survey they were undertaking to identify smoking cessation services offered by addictions organizations. ConnexOntario played a key role in the implementation of the field-wide survey described in this report.

Ontario Telemedicine Network

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and ConnexOntario have collaborated on a project specific to identifying the locations of the telemedicine capabilities and programming at Ontario's mental health and addictions treatment organizations. This allows for easy identification of facilities that can support video conferencing for clients around Ontario.