King City - Residential Program

Type of Service

Residential Treatment - Addictions

Program Description

Structured treatment and/or rehabilitation activities, work therapy and group therapy. Treatment models used are Biopsychosocial and cognitive-behavioural. Must abstain from using drugs, alcohol, etc. Long-term program. Clients can pursue correspondence education.

Program Restricted To


Access Information

A medical is required. Family members can also have an appointment for themselves. Open to clients treated at other organizations. The family is expected to participate in the family counselling component. .

User Costs

User Cost Yes

Referral Contact Information

Phone 416-748-9988

Clients Served

Gender Male
Age 16 to 70 years of age.
Catchment Municipalities: (Toronto)
Wheelchair Access No


Policy Allowed
Note Smoking is allowed outside of the building.




Main Hours

Monday 0000-2400
Tuesday 0000-2400
Wednesday 0000-2400
Thursday 0000-2400
Friday 0000-2400
Saturday 0000-2400
Sunday 0000-2400