Skills Development Services

Type of Service


Program Description

Skills Development Services is a psychosocial rehabilitation clubhouse for individuals over the age of 16 who have a mental illness. This day program provides opportunities which include meaningful daily activity, supported employment and education, supportive housing and social recreation activities. Model of service is psychosocial rehabilitation.

Access Information

Referrals/self-referrals can be made by phone, email or in person. Appointments are booked through CMHA's Intake and Referral Worker. Clients must have a psychiatric diagnosis. Intake process takes two to three weeks. Once accepted into the program, client is booked for an orientation to the clubhouse.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 807-345-5564 ext. 331
Fax 807-345-4458

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Municipalities: (Thunder Bay)
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed




Main Hours

Monday 0830-1630
Tuesday 0830-1630
Wednesday 0830-1630
Thursday 0830-1630
Friday 0830-1630
Saturday 1300-1630