Bellwood Health Services Family Intervention

Type of Service

Addictions Treatment - Substance Abuse

Program Description

Family members or significant friends are guided in this loving process which presents the reality of the addictive behaviour in a receivable way to someone they love who has a problem with alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviours. The goal of an intervention is to get the individual with an addiction to seek help. It raises the addict's level of awareness by pointing out in a loving and factual manner the harmful consequences of his or her use and the emotional impact on others. The intervention team includes concerned individuals who are clearly committed to the process and the well-being of the addict. They will ask for abstinence and offer the individual alternatives for treatment. Both the consequences of refusing abstinence or treatment and the hope for recovery will be clearly outlined. Careful preparation, education and role-playing by the intervention team are key to success. This usually requires between three and six, two-hour guided sessions. Team members who reside out-of-town may be brought into the process via conference calls.

Access Information

The MOHLTC-approved standardized assessments are not required.

User Costs

User Cost Yes

Referral Contact Information

Phone 416-495-0926
Toll-Free 800-387-6198
Fax 416-495-7943

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 19 and up
Catchment Canada
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed
Note Smoking permitted outside the building.

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Monday 0800-1800
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