Here 24/7

Type of Service

Centralized/Coordination Access

Program Description

Here 24/7 is the front door to the addictions, mental health and crisis services provided by 12 agencies across Waterloo - Wellington. We will attend to the immediate needs of the person and will conduct a comprehensive assessment with the individual. Short term needs will be explored, as well as long term service options. The person's needs will be matched with the service options available within the addictions and mental health service continuum, or a link will be provided to services and supports in the community. We will do our best to understand what the person needs, and to connect them to the appropriate services. We have the ability to schedule appointments directly with 12 of our partner service providers for most services, so that the person does not need to call other providers and re-tell their story.

Access Information

When someone contacts Here 24/7, our staff will talk to the person about their needs, challenges and strengths. Here 24/7 staff complete the intake, assessment, referral, crisis, waitlist and appointment bookings with our 12 partners. Staff will also link individuals with other community services and supports. It's our job to be your guide, figure out your needs and help you navigate the system. There is a drop-in service, Monday-Friday from 0900-1700.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Toll-Free 844-437-3247
Fax 844-437-3329
Website Here 24/7

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 0 and up
Catchment Counties: (Waterloo; Wellington)
Wheelchair Access Yes


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0000-2400
Tuesday 0000-2400
Wednesday 0000-2400
Thursday 0000-2400
Friday 0000-2400
Saturday 0000-2400
Sunday 0000-2400

There is a drop-in service, Monday-Friday from 0900-1700.