Cambridge Active Self Help (CASH)

Type of Service

Peer/Self Help

Program Description

Cambridge Active Self Help (CASH) is a member of The Self Help Alliance of Waterloo Wellington. CASH offers a variety of unique mental health related information and services. Among these services, there is a self-help recovery centre, self-help resource centre, peer support groups and advocacy. The self-help recovery centre provides opportunities for individuals to engage in interactive discussions about recovery, advocacy, personal development and social justice. The self-help resource centre contains easily accessible information on self-help, advocacy, recovery, mental health and consumer/survivor related issues. The peer support groups include the schizophrenia support group and depression support group among others. Advocacy is offered for both systems and self-advocacy. There are set times each month when an advocacy coordinator presents on different related topics. The advocacy coordinator is also available for all advocacy questions throughout the year. Service delivery is based on recovery and peer support values and principles.

Access Information

There are no restrictions in place. Information about what is offered can be obtained by contacting the office directly.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Toll-Free 844-264-2993 ext. 5029
Fax 519-623-1924

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Municipalities: (Cambridge)
Wheelchair Access No


Policy Allowed


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0900-1700
Tuesday 0900-1700
Wednesday 0900-1700
Thursday 0900-1700
Friday 0900-1700

Closed between 1200-1300 weekdays.