Apartment Living

Type of Service

Support Within Housing - Mental Health

Program Description

A rural setting of eight apartment units, ranging from one-bedroom units to a six-bedroom unit. Provides various levels of support to people with a serious mental illness in order to enhance or maintain independent living skills. Supports are offered in all aspects of life including, but not limited to: recovery, life skills, medication and health, recreation, community participation, healthy relationships, employment and are based on person-centred plan and individual support. Length of stay is dependent on the needs and decision of the individual.

Access Information

Primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness. Over 18 years of age. On O.D.S.P. or other source of funding. Stable on medication. Set up initial tour through the Manager of Quality Assurance. Cannot define how long it would take for admission to happen. When there is an opening we look for the "best fit or match".

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 519-227-6766 ext. 240

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 18 and up
Catchment Counties: (Middlesex)
Wheelchair Access No


Policy Allowed




Main Hours

Monday 0000-2400
Tuesday 0000-2400
Wednesday 0000-2400
Thursday 0000-2400
Friday 0000-2400
Saturday 0000-2400
Sunday 0000-2400