Community Treatment Program

Type of Service

Addictions Treatment - Substance Abuse

Program Description

Provide individual therapy with emphasis on relapse prevention. A structured relapse prevention group is offered one evening per week with a psycho-educational and cognitive behavioural approach that includes reinforcing skills development. Limited marital therapy is provided using interpersonal frame of reference. Individual and couple therapy is an open cycle type and structured relapse prevention group cycle type is closed.

Access Information

Assessment interviews required. Phone interview will be considered if provincial assessment tools have been completed elsewhere and tracking summary can be provided along with the release of information and any history/assessment from referring organization. Typically clients applying for the structured relapse prevention group are graduates of our Day Treatment Program or similar psycho-educational addiction program with a period of abstinence of at least four weeks and remain clean and sober during the period of the program (typically eight weeks, but further attendance can be negotiated). The expectation is they do not attend group if under the influence. Clients who relapse are reassessed. Clients must be able to guarantee safety of self and others.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 519-376-3999

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 16 and up
Catchment Ontario
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0800-1600
Tuesday 0800-1600
Wednesday 0800-1600
Thursday 0800-1600
Friday 0800-1600