Pre-Treatment Services Program

Type of Service

Residential Supportive Treatment - Addictions

Program Description

Pre-treatment services focus on treatment readiness and stabilization. One-to-one counselling a minimum of twice a week. Groups: stabilization, handling stress, step group, explorations, discussion group, recreation, and touching base.

Access Information

MOHLTC assessment provided for those clients who do not have access to a referrer (this is done very rarely). There are no other forms of assessment, beyond the MOHLTC-approved assessment tools, required to access this program, although psychiatric assessment may be requested on an individual case by case basis. Most are referred to local assessment and referral organization or NNADAP worker. Must have a confirmed date at a short-term residential facility and a current addictions assessment. Must complete our application package, be five days clean and sober and will have an in-person or phone intake interview prior to admission.

User Costs

User Cost No

Referral Contact Information

Phone 807-622-2730
Fax 807-622-7587

Clients Served

Gender All
Age 18 and up
Catchment Ontario
Wheelchair Access Yes


Policy Allowed


English Interpretation Services


Main Hours

Monday 0000-2400
Tuesday 0000-2400
Wednesday 0000-2400
Thursday 0000-2400
Friday 0000-2400
Saturday 0000-2400
Sunday 0000-2400